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Paradise Complete is a collaboration between Nick Meryhew and Bryn Davis.

NICK MERYHEW is an experimental musician, educator, improviser, and armchair geologist. Their work explores ideas of assemblage, hybridity, and nonhierarchy through a sculptural approach to found sound. They currently perform as a member of Tallulah Bankheist, Paradise Complete, The Lucky Trikes, Runaway Labs Theater, and alongside artists Lia Kohl and Jen Hill. They have presented work at Roman Susan, MCA Chicago, No Nation Gallery, Comfort Station, Art Institute of Chicago, and High Concept Labs, among others.

BRYN DAVIS is a composer based in St. Paul, Minnesota whose works are oriented around active discovery, fluid possibility, and (not infrequently) absurdity. Performers including loadbang, Vertixe Sonora, Ensemble SurPlus, and Proxima Centauri have collaborated with them to make new pieces. Bryn's music has won a variety of awards including loadbang’s commission competition and multiple selections in Score Follower’s Follow My Score competitions. In addition to composing and making music in Paradise Complete, Bryn also performs with NASDAQUIRI and had their reconstruction+realization of die Reihe's Vocoder released on Banh Mi Verlag.